kde plasma 5.9 wallpaper

Today’s release of Plasma 5.9, the latest stable release of the Linux desktop environment created by KDE, brings with a bunch of welcome changes and new features.

Among them is a shiny new wallpaper — and a few readers have been asking where they can get it.

Well, you don’t have to upend desktop environment or switch Linux distribution to get it: this is open-source, after all!

The Canopée Plasma Wallpaper

The new background design debuting in Plasma 5.9 is called ‘Canopee’ (french for ‘Canopy’, not a typo). The pretty polygon-packed background is (once again) the work of KDE developer and designer Ken Vermette.

Ken details the ‘harrowing’ creation of the design on his blog, where you’ll also learn that it was created in a little-known¹ vector graphics tool called Inkscape and composited and processed in an obscure graphics programme¹ GIMP.

You can download a copy of the Canopée wallpaper in resolutions up to 3840×2160 from the Git commit that introduced the design to Plasma. Simply click the small ‘plain’ link beside the resolution that you want to snag to trigger a download of the raw (not RAW) image file:

Plasma 5.9 ‘Canopee’ Wallpaper

If you want to dive in to play with the source file for the wallpaper be sure to fetch some ice for your RAM before download the .svg or .xcf file from here.

¹Yup, that’s sarcasm.
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