fedora-25-wallpapersI change my wallpaper on a regular basis.

But this task often involves spending several hours scouring the ass-end of the internet in an attempt to find something that’s a) decent and b) decently high-res to use.

If you’re in the same boat then listen up: you can stop: Fedora has us covered.

Fedora 25 Supplemental Wallpapers

The Fedora design team invite users and contributors to submit their own photographs and designs to ship in the release in the overly business-like named ‘Supplemental Wallpapers’ pack.

Users of the RPM-based Linux distribution duly have, and Fedora contributors have been voting to pick a slate of sleek background images to ship in Fedora 25, which is due for release next month.

The results are in.

A sumptuous set of 16 wallpapers have been selected for the next supplemental wallpaper pack. The standard is… Well, you’ll see for yourself: it’s very, very high.

The Fedora project page linked to below has all the nitty-gritty on the photographers and artists behind each shot, along with links to high-resolution downloads and licensing info so that you can download and use your favourite on Ubuntu (or any other operating system).

Fedora 25 Supplemental Wallpapers Results


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