Weather Indicator for Ubuntu Touch
Weather Indicator for Ubuntu Touch

This is going to be a super brief post — briefer than a British summer, in fact.

Most us are familiar with weather indicators for the Linux desktop. Heck, i’d be surprised if you weren’t considering the amount of pixel inches we devote to them on this site!

But Indicator Weather isn’t a weather indicator for the regular Linux desktop. Oh no. It’s an indicator applet for Unity 8, specifically the Ubuntu phone and tablet.

Weather Indicator for Unity 8

To quote the tool’s app store description: “Indicator weather uses data from Dark Sky to provide a current weather outlook on the Ubuntu Touch indicator bar.”

Indicator Weather for Unity 8 shows the current conditions and temperature in the ‘top panel’ of Unity 8, on the Ubuntu phone and tablet.

You can pull down on the indicator in the same way as other Unity 8 indicators. This offers a snatch more detail, a link to a more detailed forecast, and a link to weather settings (here you can enter a location manually and choose which temperature unit you see).

Install via the Open Store

The utility is not available to install from the standard Software Scope that ships on Ubuntu devices. Instead you will need to install it from the Open Store.

Note that you will need to sign up for a (free) Dark Sky API key to use the app.

Indicator Weather on the OpenStore

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