podbird-logoUbuntu podcast app Podbird has marked its 2nd birthday with an all-new release.

Podbird 0.8 is said to bring a number of “major improvements” to the fore, chief among them the ability to queue podcasts so that they play one after another.

Elsewhere, the update sees the episodes page gain a “downloaded” tab, which groups together all previously downloaded episodes (and any in progress) from one page, and a new setting allows cached podcast artwork to be refreshed.

Integration with the Ubuntu download manager means — at long last — you can download podcast episodes in the background, without the app in focus, or even with Podbird closed. The Ubuntu transfer indicator lets you keep an eye on download progress.

Finally, mercifully for those of us on capped data plans, Podbird now offers a setting to only automatically download new podcast episodes over Wi-Fi.

Is It Any Good?

Not being much of a podcast listener myself I’m not able to kick the tyres on this app as fully as I’d like. But, if you own an Ubuntu Phone, a pair of headphones, and a predilection for all things podcast, give Podbird a spin, and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

And if you encounter any issues while using the app be sure to file a bug report on the project’s Launchpad page.

Podbird on uAppExplorer


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