We recently released typing game ‘OMG! Words’ and so far a lot of you seem to enjoy it – which, to¬†continue¬†overusing my catchphrase is ‘ace’.

One thing I sorely forgot to include in our original announcment post was a video demo of the game. I’m going to correct that today with a shiny video demo on the OMG! Youtube channel and a retcon-embed in the old article. Browsing around YouTube I also came across this pretty neat video review of the game by YouTube Ubuntu-er¬†darockero11.

The review omits the (pretty sweet) music of the game in favour of a voice-over describing it – which is fair enough – and does an excellent job of showing off ¬†how it works, the neat OMG! Ubuntu! features in it and, perhaps more importantly, just how¬†addictive¬†it can be…

Video below (available in 720p, too).

Thanks darockero11!

OMG! Words! is a free game, available for Ubuntu 9.10, 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04.