Lightweight webkit web browser Midori got a minor version bump yesterday – but what’s new and what’s improved?

Midori 0.3.6 is primarily a bug fix release.

Midori’s handling of CSS fonts and shadow rendering are improved – important when viewing OMG! Ubuntu!, for example. The browser user agent string – these are unique identifiers that help a web page detect browser version so it can, if needed, adjust the page accordingly – have been tweaked so that pages like Facebook no longer think Midori is a mobile browser.

URL completion crashes, icon size issues and speed dial importing on start-up have all been addressed.

Users of Firefox and Chrome users will appreciate the addition of the Backspace button acting as ‘back’, and F5 as Refresh.

Speed improvements

Now on to the benchmarks. Each of the following tests were run three times, with the average score is presented below.The results shouldn’t be taken as definitive but do help to gauge Midori’s place amongst other browser.

Taking a quick look at the results of standard online benchmarking suites we can see that 0.3.6 bumps Midori up in the speed stakes – almost rivalling Firefox 4 in the V8 JavaScript benchmark.

V8 (Higher = better)

Speed Battle (Higher = better)


Midori 0.3.6 can be downloaded as source at or installed/upgraded using a combination of the Webkit and Midori PPAs.

Midori is also available via a standalone installer for Microsoft Windows at

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