The first alpha release in the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release cycle is now available for download.

Installing the Alpha release is not recommended due to its early yet rapid developmental stage.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is scheduled for release in April 26th 2012.

What’s New?

There isn’t an awful lot to ‘see’ in this Alpha because of how early in the development cycle 12.04 is.

That said there are a number of package changes and updates that are worth mentioning: –

  • Banshee, Tomboy and gbrainy have been removed (for now)
  • Rhythmbox is the default music app, although it lacks the Ubuntu One Music Store plugin at this stage
  • Firefox 9 Beta and Thunderbird 9 Beta are included
  • The Linux Kernel is version 3.2.0-2
  • The latest Ubuntu Software Centre adds support for multiple screenshots


Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha 1, can be downloaded in a variety of images at

alpha1 precise