Ryzom: The Science-Fantasy MMORPG

Although Ryzom has had a native Linux client for over a year now the game hasn’t gained much respect from Ubuntu gamers and with all honesty that is no reflection on the quality of this highly addictive MMORPG.

I have always been a big fan of MMORPGs and my gaming experience on Linux has always been below par although Ryzom has turned that around. Ryzom immerses its players into a mystical realm filled with creatures part science-fiction and part fantasy.


In Ryzom your adventure takes place in Atys, known as the living planet for its evolving landscape, living plants and diverse ecosystems that are filled with seemingly enchanted species that sometimes move in packs and prey on explorers. The landscape of Atys is vast and has five ecosystems for you to explore and role-play in but don’t get too comfortable as the land has seasons and changes often.


I was surprised to find four races to choose from and interact with in Ryzom that were totally unique to this game. In Ryzom the races are called “homins” and the four to choose from are:

  • The ‘Matis’ are a proud and noble race of forest dwellers.
  • The ‘Tryker’ are a fiercely independent and hedonistic race of lake dwellers.
  • The ‘Zora’ are a spiritual and tranquil race of jungle dwellers.
  • The ‘Fyros’ are a tough and obstinate race of desert dwellers.

Game Focus

Ryzom allows plenty of flexibility in gameplay you can work closely without other players or set out on your own to explore, forage, craft or use magic in a variety of standalone quests. Although Player vs. Player is not a main component of the game it is possible to fight other players in specially marked areas although it is unlikely you will encounter this much since most players are focused on social interaction or skill building.

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7dYrKlZCJY”]

All in all Ryzom is a fun MMORPG and I was impressed by the quality of the gameplay and the design put into it. One of the best things for me was that the game is free to play which seems to have attracted a good playerbase.

Ryzom is available for download in the Ubuntu Software Center.

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