A new name is being sought for promising new Twitter client ‘Schizobird‘.

We reviewed Schizobird, which boasts strong multi-account support, in its development state a few days back. The application preview provedpopularwith many of you, so you might be wondering why the need for a new name?

It comes down to the use of the word ‘Schizo’; many people are associating ‘Schizo’ with ‘Schizophrenia’. Given the sensitive nature of mental illness many have expressed unease with the choice of name.

Developer Conscious User explainsfurther: –

“…the motivation for the name was the etymology of ‘schizo’,a derivative of the Greek word for ‘split’, not mentalillness.

However, I do understand that the connection is inevitableand that some people might feel offended by it. I receivedemails that weren’t of the typical ‘haters gonna hate’ kind,but instead very polite requests to change the name based onunderstandable reasons.

For a non-commercial application in pre-alpha, brand awarenessis an issue I can still afford to overlook.

So that left me with choices: fight for just a little morethan my ego’s sake, or acquiesce to a simple request made ingood faith. I decided for the latter.

I apologize to people who liked ‘Schizobird’, and I know thatfinding a replacement you’ll like won’t be easy. So for thenew name I took the most brave decision possible…

Step aside and let a commenter here take the blame. :)

You choose a name

With that said, it’s now over to you: Think hard of a name, then leave your suggestion in the comments section below. Ideas should try to marry elements of ‘multiplicity’and ornithology’.

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