Garron Haun wrote in to us yesterday to let us know about a project he founded called Linux 4 Hope which aims at rejuvenating donated computers by installing Ubuntu, and then giving them to people in need around his local community.

They’re a non-for-profit organization based in Manassas, Virginia and are always looking for more donated computers and volunteers to help install Ubuntu and then help provide support for the community once the computers are delivered.

“I believe that people should have the opportunity in life to succeed. In today’s lifestyle, computers are everywhere, and people almost always use them for more than entertainment. Almost all schools require papers to be typed and research to be done on the internet.

With Linux based computers, we can make this task easier for people by using almost virus free systems, and systems that are generally more stable than Microsoft.”

Their three main goals are:

  1. Provide computers for those in need, powered by Linux Operating Systems
  2. Provide free computer repairs for people in need, along with free installations of Linux
  3. Promote Linux and show the world the benefits of using Linux.

How can you help?

If you live near or in Virginia, USA and have old computers lying around then the best way would be to donate them to Linux 4 Hope or to help out.

Otherwise, they’re looking for a web developer/designer to give their website a bit of much-needed love. If you’re neither of these, simply spread the message and become a fan of them on Facebook!

via email, Garron Haun

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