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A ton of Linux-powered hardware is out there, ranging from supercomputers and space rovers to more down-to-earth products like laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, and more.

System 76 Sable Complete PC Unboxing [Video]

It's a System 76 Sable complete PC. Getting unboxed.

28 December 2012

Ubuntu Ported to RikoMagic USB PC

Ubuntu 12.10 is being ported to the 'Rikomagic' USB PC, thanks to the work of a third party developer. The Rikimagic MK802 III, which costs £59, ship with Android 4.0 by default, but the powerful innards have proved too tempting for Ubuntu developers not to take advantage of:

23 November 2012

Ubuntu ‘Black Friday’ Bargains

It's so-called "Black Friday" today, an annual US event in which adults gather en-mass online and at retail stores to fight each other for discounted electric whisks, George Foreman grills, and plasma TVs. But are there Ubuntu-related bargains to be had?

23 November 2012

Hands On With The Dell XPS 13 Ubuntu Laptop

The Sputnik is Dell's cleverly code-named latest laptop endeavour. It's a Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook that has a line up of hardware that Dell feels will lure developers away from competing vendors. I spent just over a month testing out the Sputnik, having been sent a unit directly from the good folks at Dell. And here are my thoughts...

22 November 2012

System76 Launch 17″ Ubuntu Gaming Laptop, Dub it ‘Worlds Fastest’

Ubuntu hardware sellers System76 have today unveiled their latest laptop: the Bonobo Extreme. System76's CEO and Founder, Carl Richell, boasts that the Bonobo Extreme is the 'world's fastest Ubuntu laptop', citing Steam's impending Linux arrival as reason for launching a 'new benchmark in gaming performance'.

19 November 2012
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ZaReason’s First Ubuntu All-in-One PC Looks Familiar…

Linux hardware re-sellers ZaReason have debuted their 'Zimo 930' PC - an all in one desktop computer that has more than a whiff of familiarity about it. The Zimo 930 is a good looking, well-specced PC but it's had its thunder stolen by last months launch of the System76 Sable. And I don't mean because both are 'all-in-ones'.

15 November 2012

Ubuntu PC Sales Skyrocket in 2011

Canonical's VP of Sales and Business Development, Chris Kenyon, shared some interesting stats on Ubuntu's uptake in the world during the recent Ubuntu Developer Summit.

2 November 2012

Linux Mint Lands Another Hardware Deal

The Ubuntu-based Linux Mint distribution have announced a new tie-up with small American hardware reseller ThinkPenguin. For every Mint-branded computer sold by ThinkPenguin 10% of the total sale will be given back to the project.

1 November 2012

Lenovo ThinkPad E530: The Ideal Ubuntu Laptop? [Review]

“ThinkPad” the revered laptop brand of techies, whether under IBM or Lenovo, has been a long-time friend to Linux users. But how does the Lenovo ThinkPad E530, which went on sale earlier this year, fare under Ubuntu?

25 October 2012

Meet The $799 All-in-One Ubuntu PC from System76

The first all-in-one PC to ship with Ubuntu pre-installed has gone on sale. System76's 'Sable Complete' packs a powerful set of internals behind a 21.5" HD display with edge-to-edge glass, aluminium trimming and a 'sleek, industrial design'.

24 October 2012

System76 All-in-One PC Launching Tomorrow

Apple aren't the only company dropping new products: Ubuntu computer makers System76 are also gearing up for a new product release. They tweeted this image of an 'all-in-one' PC earlier today, but no other details are yet known.

23 October 2012

Ubuntu Demoed on Nexus 7 Tablet

Ubuntu's shift onto tablets and mobiles is now afoot, as a new video demoing Ubuntu on a Nexus 7 shows.

20 October 2012