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A ton of Linux-powered hardware is out there, ranging from supercomputers and space rovers to more down-to-earth products like laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, and more.

The MintBox Mini Is Eye-Rubbingly Small

The Linux Mint powered Mintbox Mini PC has been given the preview treatment – and is easily dwarfed by a regular tennis ball!

12 May 2015

Meet ChillHub, The Smart Fridge That Runs Ubuntu

Chillhub is the world's first smart fridge running Ubuntu. It will be demoed at May's Internet of Things world conference in San Francisco.

11 May 2015
Ubuntu Laptop Key

Ebuyer Bring Budget Ubuntu Laptops to the UK

Canonical has got together with one of the UK’s leading online electronics retailers to launch a new range of budget Ubuntu laptops. ‘This is not Ebuyer’s first stab at selling Ubuntu powered HP laptops…’ will sell three 15.6-inch […]

5 May 2015
The Cirrus7 Nimbini Ubuntu PC

Cirrus7 Nimbini — The Most Stylish Ubuntu PC Ever Made?

The new Cirrus7 Nimbini is the best looking fanless NUC Ubuntu PC we've ever seen. Inside the tiny alumium case comes fifth-gen Intel power.

15 April 2015

Ubuntu MATE Inks First Hardware Deal

Forget the release of shiny new Macbooks and Apple Watches, the big hardware news of the week for Linux enthusiasts comes from little known UK computer company called Entroware.

10 April 2015
Utilite 2 by Compulab

CompuLab Utilite2 Is a Tiny ARM Desktop PC Running Ubuntu

CompuLab, best known in Linux circles for making the popular MintBox PCs, has launched the Utilite2 — a super small ARM PC running Ubuntu or Android.

9 March 2015

Linux Mint Unveils Pocket-Sized ‘MintBox Mini’ PC

Linux Mint has announced that a new PC in its 'MintBox' line of PCs is coming in the spring: the 'MintBox Mini'.

15 January 2015

Samsung Z1: World’s First Tizen Phone Launches in India

The first Ubuntu Phone will launch next month, but it's not the only new mobile upstart trying to bring new experiences to our pockets.

14 January 2015

Intel ‘Compute Stick’ Is an $89 Chromecast-size PC That Runs Ubuntu

Imagine being able to carry a fully functioning Intel-based Ubuntu PC in your shirt pocket. Now stop imagining it because it's here. Say hello to the Intel Compute Stick.

8 January 2015

Cirrus7 Add Haswell CPUs To Award-Winning Ubuntu PC

German computer company Cirrus7 has refreshed its award-winning Ubuntu desktop PC with the latest Intel 'Haswell' processors.

19 November 2014

This is The Linux-based Tablet You’ve Been Dreaming Of

While we wait for a certain Linux-based mobile OS to arrive on phones before we start thinking about tablets, other entrants are upping their game.

19 November 2014
Spark KDE Plasma Active Tablet

KDE Improv, Tablet Projects Officially Axed

In news that few following the saga will find surprising, the team behind a highly publicised open-source hardware effort has announced that it is calling time on the project.

1 July 2014