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A ton of Linux-powered hardware is out there, ranging from supercomputers and space rovers to more down-to-earth products like laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, and more.

MTP mounting in Ubuntu

How To Mount The Google Nexus 4 on Ubuntu

Wondering how to mount a Nexus 4 on Ubuntu? Wonder no more - here are two ways to access your phone's files from file-manager Nautilus.

14 June 2013

System76 Unveil New Haswell-Powered Ultra-Thin Ubuntu Laptop

The world's first ultra-thin laptop to use Intel's Iris Pro graphics has today been unveiled by Ubuntu-dedicated hardware company System76.

13 June 2013

Availability Of Dell’s Linux Laptop Confusing US Buyers

Trying to buy Dell's developer-orientated Ubuntu laptop - the XPS 13 - is a confusing affair at present.

13 June 2013

Ubuntu-Powered Cirrus 7 PC Gets Priced, Delayed

There's a new release date, new prices, and new information on how the 'sandwich' cooling system works...

26 May 2013

Intel Demo GNOME-Powered Tizen OS Ultrabook

Take one come-back kid of an OS, pair them up with Intel, then sit them atop one of the most stable desktop environments known to Linux. What do you get? This.

23 May 2013

HP 255 Laptop Lists Ubuntu As OS Option

HP are listing Ubuntu as a pre-installed operating system option for their forthcoming HP 255 Notebook.

13 May 2013

Is This The Coolest Ubuntu PC Ever Built?

German hardware company Cirrus7 are gearing up to release a new Ubuntu-powered PC. The aluminium-cased Cirrus7 Nimbus is tiny, measuring just 22cm x 22cm with a height a smidge over 5cm.

28 April 2013

ASUS Revive The Netbook With Sub-$300 Model, Offer Ubuntu Option

If it looks like a netbook, feels like a netbook then it probably is a netbook right? ASUS don't think so.

22 April 2013

HP Launch Ubuntu All-In-One PC for £349

HP, the worlds biggest PC vendor as of 2012, has today launched a brand new all-in-one PC running Ubuntu.

4 March 2013

Steam-Powered Mini-PC Gets Detailed At CES

It might not be the strongly-rumoured Steambox games console itself, but on the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 a physical prototype of a Steam-powered mini-PC has been on show. Valve have teamed up with hardware vendor Xi3 to build a modular, miniature PC, which is currently code-named 'Piston'.

8 January 2013
The Ubuntu Phone

Ubuntu Phone OS Unveiled by Canonical

An Ubuntu-powered phone has been unveiled by Mark Shuttleworth in London, today. Calling the product launch a "significant next step in our history", Shuttleworth demoed the device and spoke of Canonical's plans for taking the device to an already saturated mobile market. And the interface of the OS is, possibly more than the brand-name behind it, going to drive adoption.

2 January 2013

All-New Ubuntu Product to Launch Jan 2nd – But What Is It?

A new Ubuntu product will be unveiled by Canonical on Wednesday, January 2nd. Details are scant on the ground at present at present. So far the only known 'fact' is that which is written on the press release: it's an event to 'launch an all new Ubuntu product'.

31 December 2012