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On the hunt for a powerful new Linux laptop? You might be interested in this, the KDE Slimbbook.

The KDE Slimbook is a KDE-branded laptop that comes pre-loaded with the Ubuntu-based KDE Neon Linux distribution. The device is not only packed full of the latest and greatest Plasma and KDE apps, but has been tested by KDE developers to ensure that everything runs super-y smooth out of the box, with all hardware support properly configured.

The lightweight and ultra-thin laptop is made by the Spanish laptop company Slimbook. But this is no hum-drum, clunky chunky of plastic. It’s KDE-branded, with the aluminium lid incorporating the familiar KDE cog logo into the vendors’ own design:

kde slimbook lid

Slim book Loves Linux

Fed up with bloat-filled, Windows-based, lacklustre laptops offered by major notebook vendors, Slimbook was set up to offer an open-source friendly alternative.

They already offer a choice of operating systems across their existing laptop line, including Windows, Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and Antergos — but the KDE Slimbbook is the first of their devices to offer KDE Neon (which made our list of the Linux distros worth watching this year!).

Their laptops even have a dual Windows/Tux key.

Slimbook approached KDE with the idea of creating a bespoke KDE-branded laptop. Excited by the idea, KDE say they quickly put their “designers and developers to the task of creating a branding for such a device and making sure that KDE neon runs without any hardware-related issues on it.”

And the result looks, on paper, to be an utterly compelling combination.

KDE describe it as ‘a laptop by and for the KDE Community […] a laptop that we, as creators and makers, lacked. A machine that ships with us in mind. Private from the first boot, secure for all users and where productivity is its main focus. A machine for creators.”

KDE Slimbook: Specs & Price

kde slimbook laptop

With the software side covered by the (very excellent) KDE Neon, the Slimbook also needs some decent specs. Thankfully it does.

The KDE Slimbook is available in 2 separate configurations, priced from €729.

Both models feature the same 13.1-inch Full HD (1920×1080) LED display, built-in Bluetooth 4.0 & Wi-Fi, webcam, and come with a backlit keyboard that’s available in Spanish/English, English, French and German layouts.

KDE Slimbook i5

  • Intel i5-6200U @ 2.3GHz
  • Intel Graphics HD 520
  • 4GB, 8GB or 16GB RAM
  • 120GB SSD (upgradeable)
  • Priced from €729

KDE Slimbook i7

  • Intel i7-6500U @ 2.5GHz
  • Intel Graphics HD 520
  • 4GB, 8GB or 16GB RAM
  • 120GB SSD (upgradeable)
  • Priced from €849

Ports wise the KDE Slimbook has 2x USB 3.0, a mini-HDMI out (a docking station is available with a wider range of output types) and an SD card slot.

The lightweight, ultra-thin laptops weighs just 1.36 kg and measures a svelte 33 x 22 x 1.8cm.

Buy KDE Slimbook

The KDE Slimbook is available to pre-order from today via the Slimbook website. Shipping is currently targeting  in mid-March, 2017.

Pre-Order the KDE Slimbook

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