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A ton of Linux-powered hardware is out there, ranging from supercomputers and space rovers to more down-to-earth products like laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, and more.

Press Get Hands On With Valve ‘Steam Machine’ Prototype

A recent article from US newspaper The Seattle Times offers new details on Valve's plans for bringing Linux gaming to the living room.

4 November 2013

£80 Rikomagic ARM-Based Ubuntu Mini-PC Starts Shipping

Android-powered HDMI dongles are a cheap and easy way to add smart TV features to an otherwise "dumb" screen - but did you know that many of these devices are capable of running a fully-fledged desktop like Ubuntu?

4 November 2013

System 76 Ubuntu Touchscreen Laptop Now Available to Pre-Order

Say hello to the Darter Ultra thin - a 14-inch touchscreen laptop from Linux PC sellers System 76.

15 October 2013

HP to Stock Ubuntu Laptops in 1,500 China Stores

HP is the latest hardware vendor to increase the number of their China stores selling Ubuntu laptops.

17 September 2013

Powerful New Ubuntu PC Unveiled By System76

A powerful new Ubuntu PC has been revealed by Linux computer company System76. The Leopard Extreme boasts Haswell CPUs and up to 64GB RAM.

17 September 2013

Dell To Expand Ubuntu Retail Presence in China

Dell are to more than double the number of its Chinese retail stores stocking Ubuntu-loaded laptops, Canonical has announced.

5 September 2013

Ubuntu Touch Coming to the Oppo Find 5 Smartphone

Work on bringing Ubuntu Touch to the Oppo Find 5 smartphone is underway.

20 August 2013

Solar-Powered Laptop Publishes Specs, Will Be Submersible

More information on the laptop vampires won't be using emerges, including a submersible version, detachable solar panel and dual core CPU.

6 August 2013

Meet Sol – The Solar-Powered Ubuntu Laptop

Meet the solar-powered laptop with a 10 hour battery, 4 solar panels, running Ubuntu-powered laptop that charges from the sun in 2 hours.

5 August 2013

Canonical Launch $32 Million Ubuntu Phone Crowdfunding Campaign

Canonical are hoping to kickstart the super-phone race with an audacious $32 million crowd-funding campaign.

22 July 2013

‘Utilite’ – The $99 Ubuntu ARM PC

The Utilite is a $99 Ubuntu PC from the makers of the Mintbox. It's powered by an ARM CPU and measures a minute 13cm long and 2.1cm high.

15 July 2013
mintbox 2

2nd-Gen Linux Mint PC Unveiled With i5 CPU

The fanless MintBox2 boasts 4x the performance power of the original device by switching to an Intel i5 CPU.

27 June 2013