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A ton of Linux-powered hardware is out there, ranging from supercomputers and space rovers to more down-to-earth products like laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, and more.

pine book linux arm laptop

New Photos of the $89 Pinebook Linux Laptop Surface Online

The $89 Pinebook ARM laptop was supposed to go on sale in February. Sadly, the month came and went without so much as a peep from Pine64, the company behind the Pinebook. But today we’ve some good news. […]

2 March 2017

Raspberry Pi Zero W, a $10 Raspberry Pi Zero with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The Raspberry Pi foundation has launched an updated version of its Raspberry Pi Zero to mark its 5th birthday.

1 March 2017

New Entroware Aether Laptop Pairs Intel Kaby Lake with Ubuntu

The new Entroware Aether is the latest Linux powered laptop from British company Entroware, and is powered by the latest Intel Kaby Lake processors.

24 February 2017
Augmented reality headset running Ubuntu

Meet the Ubuntu Powered Augmented Reality Helmet

An Ubuntu powered augmented reality (AR) helmet will be on show at Mobile World Congress, 2017.

21 February 2017

GPD Pocket Crowdfunder Passes $1 Million Mark

GPD Pocket, a 7-inch ultra-mobile PC available pre-loaded with Ubuntu, has received over $1,000,000 in user contributions in under a week.

19 February 2017
gpd pocket promo image side

GPD Pocket, the 7-Inch Ubuntu Laptop, Has Raised $700k in 24 Hours

The GPD Pocket has only been live on IndieGoGo for 24 hours, but it's has already amassed a staggering $700,000 — $500,000 more than it was seeking!

16 February 2017
gpd pocket being used

GPD Pocket, The 7-Inch Ubuntu Laptop is Now Live on IndieGoGo

Crowdfunding for the GPD Pocket is underway on IndieGoGo, and the good news is that it has already smashed through its $200,000 goal.

15 February 2017

Meet the KDE Slimbook, a Powerful Laptop Running KDE Neon

The KDE Slimbook is a new KDE-branded laptop that comes pre-loaded with the Ubuntu-based KDE Neon Linux distribution.

26 January 2017

Dell’s Has Sold ‘Tens of Millions’ Dollars’ Worth of Project Sputnik Laptops

Curious about Dell's Ubuntu-powered laptops? So is Linux personality Bryan Lunduke, who talks to Dell's Barton George to learn more.

19 January 2017
dell Precision 3520 with ubuntu

Dell’s Latest Laptop is $100 Cheaper If You Buy It With Ubuntu

Dell love Linux. That’s not a bit of marketing fluff designed to look good writ large on a conference banner, but actual, tangible fact. Today the company announced the immediate availability of the Dell Precision 3520 mobile workstation […]

11 January 2017
gpd pocket laptop

Meet the GPD Pocket, a 7-inch Ubuntu Laptop

Meet the GPD Pocket, a high-spec 7-inch laptop that the device's makers say will be available to buy pre-loaded with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

8 January 2017
pine book linux arm laptop

$89 Pinebook Linux Laptop To Go On Sale Next Month

New details about the $89 Linux ARM laptop have emerged, including a tentative shipping date and warranty details.

4 January 2017