Just a quick note! I’d like to take a moment to thank each one of you for being a fantastic bunch of readers over the past year, and wish you a good holiday break!

It’s been an amazing year for OMG! Ubuntu! and our little wee community is growing by so much every day. Joey and I are always blown away by the statistics, number of comments, shares, and interaction OMG! Ubuntu! has with all members of the community.

We know for a fact that people from Canonical, the community, companies using Ubuntu, selling Ubuntu, and all sorts of projects are represented in the comments section and this really brings a smile to our face.

Also, because he is too modest and shy, I want to say thank you very much to Joey who has spent an enormous amount of effort keeping OMG! Ubuntu! running, writing blog posts each and every day. He gets up in the morning, researches, replies to emails, moderates comments, and writes half a dozen articles every day before hitting the sack late at night. So an enormous round of applause for him, please!

On that note, I’m forcing him to take a break for at least a few days over Christmas and the New Year. He’s a workaholic though, so expect to see some articles as I’m sure he can’t stay away from the screen. It’s a quiet period for Canonical and Ubuntu so news will be slow anyway as everyone goes on holiday or spends time with their family, and so should you!

Thanks for all the fun in 2011, Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate), and a Happy New Year. Looking forward to 2012 when we might finally have some time to get cracking on the neat stuff we’ve got planned.*

Benjamin & Joey from OMG! Ubuntu!

* May or may not include taking over the world.

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