I am back on OMG! Ubuntu! and to celebrate it is time for another game giveaway

This time I have for you a brand spanking new copy of the Indie Realtime Strategy game Achron where time is your play thing… yes that is right, meta-time gaming and it runs on your Linux desktop (provided it is 64bit).

I won’t bore you with details about how awesome this game is, I will say that I have enjoyed it since it’s early alpha days and now that the full version is out it can be yours, absolutely free.

The lead developer has also given an hour long lecture on the technology and thoughts behind this novel game which is well worth your time.

So what do you have to do?

Very simple, I get married in a 3 short weeks, an event that will be attended by friends, family and famed twitter client developers (well developer in honest). In the honor of my wife to be, you have to provide well wishes below. I will pick my favorite one on the 30th and the game goes with thanks to that person. Simple, and no catches at all just a bit of celebratory joy.

Have at it oh mighty OMG! Ubuntu!, I missed you.

Editorial achron game