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ubuntu budgie wallpaper contest logo

Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 Wallpaper Contest Is Open for Entries

Grab your camera, your best lens and head outside because the Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 Wallpaper Contest is now open for entries. Inspired by the Ubuntu wallpaper contests of old, Ubuntu Budgie is seeking out a […]

5 July 2017
libreoffice mascot competition

LibreOffice Launches Competition to Find New Mascot (And Here’s How To Take Part!)

When you think of GIMP, you think of Wilber; when you think of OpenSUSE, you picture the gecko; and when you think of Mozilla you picture 1990s t-rex clipart. But when you think of LibreOffice? You […]

28 June 2017
libreoffice app icons

Have You Taken the LibreOffice Features Survey?

A new survey aims to help LibreOffice learn which features of the popular open-source office suite users use the most.

19 June 2017
A question mark in a circle

Which Apps Would You Like to See as Snaps?

Which apps would you like to see available as Snaps? That's what the Snapcraft community who work on the distro-agnostic packaging technology want to know.

12 May 2017

Listen to the latest episode of the Ubuntu Podcast

A brand new episode of the Ubuntu Podcast is now live on t’internet. The latest episode sees hosts Alan Pope, Martin Wimpress and Mark Johnson discuss what they’ve been up to recently, give some love to the (awesome) Sound […]

11 May 2017

How Many Stickers Do You Have on Your Laptop?

Are users of open-source software more likely to stick stickers on the back of laptops? That's what we're aiming to find out in this week's reader poll.

3 May 2017
plasma 5.8 desktop screenshot

KDE Fans Launch Petition to Make Plasma Ubuntu’s Next Desktop

A new petition is calling for Canonical to make KDE Plasma Ubuntu's next desktop, following news that the distro is to drop Unity in favour of GNOME.

21 April 2017