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dog from unsplash on an orange background

GNOME Devs Help User Solve “Barking Laptop” Problem

Is your Ubuntu laptop barking at you? For one user it is, and it is worrying their actual dog. Confused, they turned to GNOME developers for assistance.

27 April 2022

Updated: Ubuntu Revives Its Iconic ‘Developer Summit’ — With a Twist

The Ubuntu Developer Summit is back! Well, kinda. An in-person 'Ubuntu Summit' is being held later this year but aimed at enthusiasts as well as developers.

24 April 2022

These AI-Made Ubuntu Mascot Artworks are Incredible

I don’t understand neural networks work, much less how they go about drawing stuff without any hands, but boy am I blown away by the results they can produce. Every Ubuntu release has a codename […]

17 March 2022
Xubuntu logo

Xubuntu 22.04 Wallpaper Contest is Open For Entries

The Xubuntu 22.04 LTS wallpaper contest is open for entries until March 12th when six winners will be selected for inclusion on the final 22.04 .iso image.

27 February 2022

The Next Ubuntu Wallpaper Contest Needs to Focus on Quality

A new Ubuntu LTS is on the way, and so too is a wallpaper contest to select backgrounds for it. But is it time Ubuntu took wallpapers more seriously?

25 January 2022
ubuntu in 2022

What Do You Want to See From Ubuntu in 2022?

C'mon folks, don't be shy! Let me know what you want to see from Ubuntu over the next 12 months. You can be as demanding or realistic as you want.

3 January 2022
Linux Mint logo

Linux Mint’s New Website is Live (And Yup, It Looks Fresh)

Linux Mint has launched a revamped and revitalised homepage full of eye-catching callouts and snippets of info sharing why the Linux distro is popular.

16 September 2021

Ubuntu Podcast to End After 14 Years

The hosts of the official Ubuntu Podcast have announced the end of their weekly show. The final episode of the Ubuntu Podcast will be released on Sept 30.

9 September 2021
GNOME Apps website in GNOME web app

New Website Launched to Showcase GNOME Apps

Want to find more apps for the GNOME desktop? If so, you're gonna love a new website GNOME developers have launched which helps you do precisely that!

27 August 2021
Ubuntu wallpaper contest 2021

The Ubuntu Wallpaper Contest is Back After 2 Year Break

The Ubuntu 21.10 wallpaper contest is open for entries. Creatives can submit entries until August 20. Winning images will ship in Ubuntu 21.10 this fall.

24 June 2021
Glimpse Image Editor Screenshot

GIMP Fork ‘Glimpse’ on Pause, No More Updates Planned

Development on GIMP fork Glimpse is on pause due to a lack of contributors able to support the image editor's growing user base. More details in this post.

26 May 2021

Ubuntu Ditches Freenode, Moves IRC Channels Elsewhere

Ubuntu has moved its IRC infrastructure from Freenode to the new Libera Chat platform, following changes to the management of the Freenode company.

26 May 2021