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These are the 12 Potential LibreOffice Mascots (Updated)

Update: The day after this article was published The Document Foundation decided to “end this phase early” due to criticism. Original article is below. If you have anything approaching a memory you may recall that The Document Foundation is […]

15 November 2017
ubuntu news

Canonical Has Joined the GNOME Foundation Advisory Board

Canonical has joined the GNOME Foundation advisory board, a move that makes sense given that the popular Linux distro now uses the GNOME Shell desktop.

1 November 2017
top icons plus example

Bad News for Users of TopIcons Plus…

The development of the popular TopIcons Plus GNOME extension has been put on pause. Offering a convenient way to access indicator applets and system tray icons from the GNOME top bar, the extension has proven popular with […]

24 September 2017
A question mark in a circle

We have some questions to ask you about videos…

We'd like to gather your feedback on the sort of Ubuntu videos you enjoy watching. To do that we've created a survey. This post has a link to it.

7 September 2017
A question mark in a circle

QupZilla Web Browser Has Revealed Its New Name

The the new name of the Qt-based Qupzilla browser has been announced, and bucking all expectation it hasn't opted for a name beginning with 'K'…

27 August 2017
happy birthday linux

Happy Birthday Linux!

Happy 26th birthday Linux! Yes, it’s that time of the year once again, the day which most open-source enthusiasts consider to be the famous kernel’s formal founding. It was on this day 26 years ago […]

25 August 2017
qupzilla browser

QupZilla Web Browser Is Changing Its Name

The QupZilla web browser is hunting for a new name. Development is to move under the KDE project umbrella and it may replace Konquerer.

14 August 2017
kmail opengpg

KMail User Survey Asks Which Features Need improvement

Do you use Kmail, the KDE email client? If so be sure to add make your feedback on heard by taking the short Kmail user survey.

1 August 2017

Ubuntu MATE Is Asking Users to Vote on Its Default Video Player

Ubuntu MATE is asking its users to vote on the video player they most want to see installed by default in the upcoming release of Ubuntu MATE 17.10.

26 July 2017
kde plasma mobile

KDE Plasma Spells Out Its Vision Statement: Durable, Usable, Elegant

Ever wondered exactly what the KDE Plasma desktop stands for? If so the KDE Plasma vision statement, unveiled this week, neatly lays out the project's aims.

25 July 2017

Ubuntu wants to know which apps should be default in 18.04 LTS

Which apps should Ubuntu ship by default? Nows your chance to let the Ubuntu desktop team know, as they launch a user survey scouting for feedback.

21 July 2017
otis the aardvark from CBBC in front of an Ubuntu logo

The Artful Aardvark Needs You!

I don’t consider myself to be psychic and yet, somehow, miraculously, I happen to know what you’re going to be doing later. You’re going to help test the Ubuntu 17.10 daily builds on real hardware to […]

17 July 2017