Ubuntu Connects Things
Ubuntu connects the tangible with the intangible

Ever wondered just how widely used Ubuntu is?

Well, wonder no more!

Canonical has put together a new infographic to highlight the scale and success Ubuntu has achieved across an enviable assortment of computing sectors.

And it’s compelling stuff.

Ubuntu powers a diverse array of tech, from space satellites and blockchain platforms to robotics and self-driving cars

Ubuntu is in use in some shape or other at some of the world’s biggest companies, where it’s used to power a diverse range of tech, from AI assistants in space and blockchain platforms like Ethereum, to robotics, self-driving cars and video streaming services.

You may recall Canonical published something similar after its last LTS release back in 2016.

But two years is a long time in tech, and in those 24 months the little Linux distro that could has continued to push in to and extend its reach throughout all areas of technology.

A few choice stats from the full infographic, which you can view below:

  • Ubuntu was launched 300 million times across cloud and bare metal in 2017
  • Ubuntu has a 43% share of OpenStack cloud deployments
  • Ubuntu is used by Netflix, Spotify, eBay, and Slack
  • The European Space Agency’s 5G Satellite Networks are powered by Ubuntu Core

The infographic chooses to skip over Ubuntu dominance on the Linux desktop, but reminds us that for every failed phone and aborted TV project in its history Canonical continues to have plenty of hits, too:

Ubuntu connects everything infographic
Ubuntu connects everything infographic
Community infographic ubuntu 18.04 LTS