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The LibreOffice 6.0 release at the end of January was met by enthusiasm from tech bloggers and open-source enthusiasts alike.

And that enthusiasm translated into some very healthy download numbers.

LibreOffice 6.0, the latest version of the hugely popular open-source office suite, has been downloaded almost 1 million times in two weeks.

Stats shared by The Document Foundation, the company that oversees LibreOffice development, reveal that the free office app has scored 969,108 downloads since release on January 31, 2018.

‘These figures show that LibreOffice is a key part of people’s everyday productivity’

That’s almost 1 million downloads of LibreOffice 6.0 in two weeks, and the future only counts the 6.0 release (downloads of the older, enterprise-targetted LibreOffice 5.4.4 are not include in the stat).

While LibreOffice may not feel like the most cutting-edge or innovative app at times, these figures show that it’s still very much a key part of people’s everyday productivity.

It is reliable, well-loved, and does pretty much all of what people ask of it.

With its experimental Ribbon UI, improved compatibility with Microsoft Office documents, and new features like ePub export, LibreOffice is sure to keep finding new fans far in to the future.

Other numbers shared by The Document Foundation for the past two weeks:

  • 661,539 visits to the website
  • 252,495 visits to the blog announcement
  • 3,500 donations since release day
  • 80,516 views of the release video
  • 217 +1s on the Google+ announcement

If you haven’t tried the new release yet, what are you waiting for?

We wrote a post showing you how to install LibreOffice 6.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and above last weekend, so do check it out.

Wow, @LibreOffice 6.0 scored close to 1 million downloads in just 14 days
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