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yakkety yak mascot logo

Meet the Official Mascot of Ubuntu 16.10

You’re looking at the official mascot animal artwork for Ubuntu 16.10 ‘Yakkety Yak’! As with previous mascot animal designs you can expect to see this ‘Yak’ logo used to promote Ubuntu 16.10 during its last furlong of […]

12 September 2016

Meet The New Default Wallpaper of Ubuntu 16.10

The default wallpaper of Ubuntu 16.10 has been revealed, but does it break with tradition? Find out inside, plus download a high-resolution copy for your desktop.

8 September 2016
ubuntu wallpaper contest

Ubuntu 16.10 Wallpaper Contest Is Now Open For Entries

Doors have opened on the Ubuntu 16.10 wallpaper contest, a bi-annual chance for users to get their artwork shipped as part of Ubuntu.

29 August 2016

Ubuntu 16.10 Beta 1 Released, Available to Download Now

The Ubuntu 16.10 Beta 1 releases are now available to download.

25 August 2016
yakkety yak

Ubuntu 16.10 To Ship with Nautilus 3.20

Nautilus 3.20, and a host of GNOME 3.20 apps, will ship by default in Ubuntu 16.10 'Yakkety Yak', with new versions already available for testing.

2 August 2016
yakkety yak

Rejoice! Arc GTK Theme Will Be Available in Ubuntu 16.10

If you love the Arc GTK theme, but don't love needing to hunt down an install package every time you perform a fresh install, you're going to love Ubuntu 16.10.

1 August 2016
yakkety alpha 2

Ubuntu 16.10 Alpha 2 Is Available to Download Now

The second alpha release of the Ubuntu 16.10 development cycle is now available for download, with Lubuntu, Ubuntu Kylin and Ubuntu MATE taking part.

28 July 2016
ubuntu mug

Ubuntu 16.10 Alpha 1 Is Now Available to Download

Alpha 1 in the Ubuntu 16.10 'Yakkety Yak' development cycle is now available to download, with 3 flavours choosing to participate in the milestone.

30 June 2016
Live CD

Ubuntu To Drop 32-bit Desktop and Server Installers?

Ubuntu 32-bit desktop installers could soon be a thing of the past. Debate is underway on how best to drop support for 32-bit Ubuntu ISOs.

29 June 2016

What To Expect from Ubuntu 16.10

Last week saw planning for the Ubuntu 16.10 development cycle get underway last week as the Ubuntu Online Summit,

9 May 2016

Ubuntu 16.10 Won’t Use Unity 8 By Default

Unity 8 will not ship as the default desktop in Ubuntu 16.10, the Ubuntu desktop team has said. Yakkety Yak will ship the tried and trusty — or tired and dusty, depending on your point of […]

3 May 2016
usb thumb drive ubuntu

Why Your Next Ubuntu Download Could Be a Lot Larger

Expect to see a larger Ubuntu desktop installation image size by the time the Yakkety Yak is released later this year.

2 May 2016