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Simple Weather Indicator Adds Hide Location, Temperature Rounding Options

Another month, another update to the simple weather indicator we first featured back in July.

22 August 2016

Simple Weather Indicator Improves Location Detection, Adds Fahrenheit Option

The latest update to this simple Ubuntu weather indicator brings improved location detection accuracy, manual location, and an option to display temperatures in Fahrenheit.

1 August 2016

‘Cumulus’ — A Desktop Weather App for Linux Desktops (Updated)

Cumulus is a stylish desktop weather app for the Ubuntu desktop. It offers various settings, including an optional Unity Launcher temperature count.

19 July 2016

Do You Remember the Stormcloud Weather App?

Shake your umbrella in my direction if you can remember a bit of software called Stormcloud.

6 July 2016

A No Frills Weather Applet for Ubuntu

Sometimes all you want is the current weather conditions for where you live. This weather indicator applet for Ubuntu offers only that.

6 July 2016

WeatherDesk Sets Your Desktop Background To Current Weather

This simple app automatically sets your Ubuntu desktop wallpaper to an image matching the current weather conditions in your location.

16 May 2016

How to Install and Setup ‘My Weather Indicator’ in Ubuntu 15.10

There's no drought of ways to be kept abreast of the weather on the Ubuntu desktop and My Weather Indicator is one of the best.

28 October 2014

The Geeky Way To Get Weather Forecasts on Linux

Today we highlight a weather tool that even the most dour-faced of weather app detractors may actually like: command-line weather forecasts.

5 February 2014

Canonical Working To Bring Weather Channel App to Ubuntu Touch

Sunny days ahead – Canonical has today announced that its working with The Weather Channel to bring its popular app to Ubuntu for Phones and tablets.

4 December 2013

Add a Google Now-Style Weather Applet to The Ubuntu Desktop

DeviantArt user satya164 has knocked together a Google Now-inspired theme for Conky. And this post will walk you through installing it.

14 May 2013
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Weather App Stormcloud Adds Color Options, More

The forecast for new weather app Stormcloud is looking even brighter, with the latest release adding several new customisation options. Stormcloud is a small weather app for your desktop that uses Yahoo! Weather as its backend to present a 5 day overview of weather conditions in a given location.

22 October 2012
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Gorgeous New Weather App ‘StormCloud’ Arrives on Ubuntu

StormCloud is a new weather app for Linux - although soon to arrive on Chrome and Android - created by Lightread's Jono Cooper who was fed up of seeing 'so many beautiful apps on Dribbble that didn't get made'.

11 October 2012