Remember the simple weather indicator we mentioned a couple of weeks ago? 

If you do, and you liked what you saw, you’re going to love the latest release.

Indicator Weather v0.5 brings improved location detection accuracy, fixing what was arguably the biggest issue with the previous release.

If you still find that location detection is a little way off, or you happen to live in Frakknows, Nowheresville, you can now enter manual coordinates (longitude, latitude).

Other changes include a new preferences menu and configuration file which American readers can use to set temperatures to display in Fahrenheit.

Though honestly, Celsius is so much easier to understand!

Download Indicator Weather 5.0

As we cautioned last time we wrote about it please keep in mind that this is a no-frills weather applet. It is simple by design.

It is available to install on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and above using the following installer:

Download Indicator Weather v0.5 (.deb)

To see a much broader set of metrological stats from your desktop panel try the My Weather Indicator made by Atareao.

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