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‘My Weather Indicator’ Adds Geolocation Support

Panel-based weather applet My Weather Indicator has added geolocation support, providing input free location detection based on your IP. With many of us used to mobile apps and online weather sites using of geolocation to serve […]

27 October 2011
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‘My Weather Indicator’ adds sun and moon info, ‘feels like…’ temp and more in latest update

Users of My-Weather-Indicator, a panel-based weather applet for Ubuntu, can now check sunrise and sunset information, moon phase and more in the latest release.

31 May 2011
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‘My-weather-indicator’ gets updated, revamps location selection

'My-weather-indicator' - an indicator-applet providing weather updates and alerts in Ubuntu - has been updated with an improved location set-up dialog and general bug fixes.

10 May 2011
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Indicator-Weather: "Is it just me or…"

Panagiotis Skintzos has begun on a Vala port of Indicator-Weather. Whilst there are many great ideas in the new design layout there is one aspect that bugs me...

28 March 2011
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Indicator-weather adds data caching, extra weather providers and locations

Indicator-Weather, the weather forecast applet, has updated this weekend, adding support for forecast data caching, extra weather service providers and making available more locations.

20 March 2011
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Indicator-weather update puts temperature on panel

Weather information applet 'indicator-weather' has added some spit and polish to its latest release - including the display of current temperature directly on the panel.

15 February 2011
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The weather indicator project revives; what might have been

The indicator-weather project has kicked back into life this week - meaning none of us need to go without 'weather-info-at-a-glance' on our desktop panel come Ubuntu 11.04. We were briefly involved in the development of the project last year and whilst our designs never made it into being, here they are to peruse at your pleasure.

16 January 2011
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HTC-style Weather Clock for your desktop

Add some HTC-inspired beauty to your desktop using the following WeatherClock Conky script. Heavily influenced by the HTC widget available on many smart-phones (and the Windows desktop) it informs you of both the time and […]

4 October 2010
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WeatherPaper puts the weather outside on your desktop inside

GNOME users have long been left out in the cold when searching for a good looking & easily-themeable ‘Weather Wallpaper’ application. Over a year ago I ran down the Gnome-friendly alternatives to KDE’s slick weather wallpaper plug-in and […]

26 August 2010
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What’s in a weather indicator?

We at the Indicator-Weather project need you to do some forecasting for us. (World groans – ed) Whilst we’ve got a pretty kicking preview that works but what we really need is to find out […]

17 July 2010
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Weather Indicator Applet: Genesis of an itch into an app (Updated with PPA)

The new Date Time indicator that is all-set to replace the Gnome Clock applet in Ubuntu 10.10 will certainly make your life easier: A slick interface combines easy access to set timers and events direct from the […]

23 June 2010
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Snow! Snow! Snow!

It’s snowing in Britain!! PANIC!!!1 It’s funny how Britain grinds to a halt when we get a few inches of snow. We don’t get snow often so when we do it’s almost like we revert […]

2 February 2009