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Enable weather gnome shell

Don't Miss: See World Clocks And Weather Info in the Ubuntu Message Tray

GNOME Shell can display weather forecast and different timezones inside the message tray (aka the notification area) and in this post I show you how to set it up. Why? Well, being able to instantly […]

4 April 2020
GNOME Weather App 3.32

A Brighter Future is Forecast for GNOME’s Weather App

A wave of usability improvements are on the horizon for the humble GNOME Weather app. The current version of the meteorological must-have might have made my list of the best weather apps for Ubuntu and […]

12 July 2019
best weather apps for ubuntu linux

5 Best Weather Apps for Ubuntu & Linux Mint

We rundown the top weather apps for Ubuntu and Linux Mint. When you need to check the weather forecast on the Linux desktop use one these open source apps.

2 February 2019

Simple Weather Indicator Hits 1.0, Adds “Feels Like”, More Stats

Simple Weather Indicator for Ubuntu's Unity desktop has reached version 1.0. It adds more meteorological metadata including 'feels like' temperature.

8 October 2017
a screenshot of the coffee news and weather app

Coffee is a News & Weather App for Ubuntu Desktops

Coffee is a new Linux app that helps you to stay up-to-date with current news and weather without needing to touch the new tab button in your browser.

29 September 2017
cumulus Qt weather app on Ubuntu

Cumulus Qt is a Lightweight Weather App for Linux

Cumulus Qt is a Qt weather app for the Linux desktop. It's lightweight, has a bold, striking design inspired by Stormcloud, and is very customisable.

28 April 2017
simple weather indicator applet

Simple Weather Indicator Now Shows You More Meteorological Data

The latest release of Simple Weather Indicator uses a new open-source backend that brings additional meteorological data to the app's indicator menu.

24 February 2017
the indicator in action

Indicator Weather Gives You ‘At-a-Glance’ Temp on Ubuntu Phone

This is going to be a super brief post — briefer than a British summer, in fact. Most us are familiar with weather indicators for the Linux desktop. Heck, i’d be surprised if you weren’t […]

12 December 2016

Temps is a Beautiful Open Source Weather App

Checking on the weather isn’t hard: you just stick your head out of the window. But when the weather is unpredictable, or to keep an eye on its plans for the coming days, we turn to weather […]

9 November 2016

Simple Weather Indicator for Ubuntu Now Has Its Own PPA

A new version of the 'no frills' weather indicator that I use on my Ubuntu desktop is available to download — and it finally has a PPA.

21 September 2016
working gnome weather 3.18 on ubutnu 16.04

GNOME Weather Fixed, Can Now Fetch Forecasts Again

A quick follow up to the issue of broken weather forecasts in GNOME Weather on Ubuntu 16.04: they're working again!

14 September 2016

That Wasn’t In The Forecast — GNOME Weather Has Stopped Working

GNOME Weather is no longer able to display weather forecasts.

24 August 2016