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Simple Weather Stats

Sometimes all you want to see is the current weather condition and temperature for where you live.

No great big floating windows, no never-ending menu of pressure stats and wind direction necessary.

Just something clear, and concise, and to the point.

Ubuntu Weather Indicator fits that brief. As weather applets go it’s by far the most minimal I’ve come across. It won’t win awards for innovation, and it certainly won’t convert those who deride weather apps into suddenly using them.

But it is what it is: simple. You don’t even need to tell it where you live as it automatically detects your location using a web service.

You can find a pre-built Ubuntu installer over on the project’s GitHub page, where, with an extra click or two, you can also browse the code, file a bug and contribute changes.

Download ‘Ubuntu Weather Indicator’

Looking for a more advanced weather applet? Check out Atareao’s Weather Indicator. It includes a themeable desktop widget and a menu jammed full meteorological tidbits.

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