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Holy heat: new settings, ahoy!

Another month, another update to the simple weather indicator we first featured back in July.

Indicator Weather v0.6 nixes a number of niggles found in the forecast-reporting applet’s earlier releases, and switches to a new location detection API to improve location accuracy.

The 0.6 release also addresses the lack of customisation options, and adds an option to hide the location name from the panel applet, and an option to round-off temperatures to a…let’s say less overly specific figure!

Simple Weather Indicator v0.6 changelog:

  • New Location detection API
  • Moved to robust API endpoint with higher uptime
  • Hide location preference
  • Round temperature preference
  • Minor bug fixes

As before you can (if you find the auto detection is a little ways off) enter manual coordinates (longitude, latitude), you can also select between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and adjust start-up preferences.

Sadly the biggest single issue with this app remains: there’s no easy way to remove it from your start-up preferences as it doesn’t appear in the Start-Up Applications app.

To stop it launching on login you’ll need to manually remove it from the start-up items folder as a root user, a method that’s far from ideal!

Download Simple Weather Indicator for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS +

Simple Weather Indicator is a no-frills weather applet that reports the current temperature and conditions for your location. It is not a weather forecasting applet.

Simple Weather Indicator is available to install on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (and above) using the following installer from the project’s GitHub page.

Download Indicator Weather from GitHub

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