Canonical’s David Planella has announced the release of the Ubuntu Developer Portal, which can be found over at

After several months of work, the Ubuntu Developer Portal aims to help new developers get familiar with the technologies, frameworks and process for developing rich applications for the Ubuntu platform.

It features help videos, links to resources, and instructions on how to get started, and for developers with an application already published in the Software Center, a dashboard for tracking downloads or sales, and allows information for the application (like the screenshot, description, name) to be altered. should now be the central point of reference for any topics related to application development. From creation to publication: porting, sharing, contributing, finding information… a site that should grow organically to provide the tools, share the knowledge and act as the springboard to foster app proliferation and developer community growth in this exciting area.

The Ubuntu Developer Portal looks great, and is one of a number of Canonical’s revamped online services to follow the new orange and aubergine branding, with Canonical Landscape, Ubuntu One, and the main websites themselves getting overhauls earlier in the year.

As long as Canonical stay out of the spotlight of Apple’s lawyers, they should be okay using the all-too-familiar term “app” which is found splattered all around the website.

As many people say, in the current generation of operating systems, a product is only as good as the applications available for it, so it’s great to see Canonical taking some initiative and helping developers wade through the current mess of technologies and frameworks that plague the open source world.

via David Planella’s blog, Ubuntu Developer Portal

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