Discussions towards the shaping of Ubuntu’s planned to foray into the Smart TV sector are ‘ warming up’ according to a new blog post from Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth.

The new mailing lists set up to facilitiate discussions are being used, meetings have taken place in the #ubuntu-tv IRC channel, and a handful of initial designs have been proposed by Ubuntu community member Alan Bell.

Unity on TV design

Amongst the ‘features’ and ‘priorities’ Mark lists as resulting from recent discussions are: –

  • Control via remote control
  • Playback of physical media (USB cd/dvd/blu-ray drive)
  • Installable image
  • Easy configuration of new devices
  • Ubuntu One Accounts
  • Push media to/from other Ubuntu devices / Media syncing capabilities
  • Purchasing media through online stores (Ubuntu one/Amazon/Netflix)
The full list can be read on Shuttleworth’s blog, where he also mentions that a team has begun to assemble around the project with a view to ‘implementing the TV interface’.
Via markshuttleworth.com
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