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Ubuntu on Air: Your Questions Answered

Join us this Today at 1800 UTC for Ubuntu on Air Last cycle we decided to just hang out after a release, and we had such a good time and learned so much from our […]

26 July 2012

Mark Shuttleworth: ‘We Didn’t Want Ubuntu To End up Like Windows 8’

Mark Shuttleworth has spoken about the design and thought process behind the creation of Unity, and how it's impacted on Ubuntu multi-device strategy. Speaking at OSCON prior to the unveiling of Ubuntu's new integrated web apps feature, Shuttleworth ackowledged that there had been 'controversy' over Canonical's decision to pursue a "multi-device" strategy, with the switch to Unity in particular proving 'deeply unpopular' at first.

20 July 2012
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‘Ubuntu Accomplishments’ Makes Getting Involved in Ubuntu Fun

There are a myriad of ways for Ubuntu users to become involved in the wider community - but just where does one start? Enter the Ubuntu Accomplishments system, which aims to make finding, working towards and tracking opportunities within the Ubuntu community and beyond from one place.

17 June 2012

Ubuntu Launch App Creation Competition With Big Prizes Up For Grabs

Could you create an entirely new application for Ubuntu in just three weeks? That's the challenge being put forward by the Ubuntu Development team as they gear up to launch an application creation competition with some awesome prizes up for grabs.

14 June 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 Development Update

In this update we reached out to Ubuntu Developer and juju Extraordinaire Clint Byrum for an interview and to see what he is working on in the 12.10 Release Cycle. Benjamin Kerensa: What are you doing […]

11 June 2012
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[How to] Help Spread ‘Download for Ubuntu’ App Buttons

So many great applications are available in the Ubuntu Software Center - but many developers don't advertise this fact on their websites. To remedy this Ubuntu's Jono Bacon is encouraging users to get involved in a new ‘Download for Ubuntu’ Button Campaign. The premise is simple: the websites of apps that are available to install through the Ubuntu Software Center should display a uniform 'Download for Ubuntu' button so that visitors can clearly see they support Ubuntu.

8 June 2012
Lemur Ultra Front

Hands On With The System76 ‘Lemur Ultra’ Ubuntu Laptop

When it comes to laptops that solely ship Ubuntu as an Operating System one of the most well known names is System76. During the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland, CA a few weeks back I had an opportunity to chat over lunch with System76 CEO, Carl Richell about the exciting products they are working on at their Headquarters in Colorado. Carl invited me to check out one of their current laptop offerings the Lemur Ultra which I spent some time with here in the labs.

2 June 2012
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Ubuntu 12.04 Development update

Last Development Update of 12.04 Today we saw the release of Ubuntu 12.04. It is the fourth release with long-term support and the 16th Ubuntu release. Lots of hard work went into this release, so […]

26 April 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 Gets a Release Date

What will you be doing come October 18th 2012? I'm not psychic, but there's a very good chance you'll be downloading Ubuntu 12.10. Yes, the tentative release schedule for the post-Precise release has been published online.

22 April 2012
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Ubuntu 12.04 Development update 17

We are almost there. Tomorrow language packs will be test-built. Next Tuesday we will hit the deadline for translations for language packs and from next week on Ubuntu 12.04 images of the release candidate will […]

12 April 2012
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Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 20

Development Update The Precise Pangolin Beta 2 is set to be released on Thursday, the 29th, If you feel comfortable testing beta releases, get the latest daily build and keep it updated. Don’t forget to […]

29 March 2012
Martin Pitt

Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 18

Development Update We are only five weeks away from the release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Next week we expect the Beta 2 release to go out and afterwards only important fixes will go in. 26th […]

23 March 2012