The new Ubuntu font has been available to download for quite a while — providing you had enough wiles to know where and how to find it.

ubuntugreatEagle eyed readers will likely have spotted the new font beautifying desktops around the blogosphere for the last few months and maybe even download a rogue copy from various sources.

The time has come to upgrade your font to that of an official copy and all for the small price of reporting any bugs/issues you may encounter whilst using it.

The new font, developed as part of Ubuntu’s re-branding is currently actively in development, with an eye to being used as the default system font in Ubuntu 10.10. As such the font available is still not the final release and the following information should be bore in mind: –

Why you shouldn’t download the new font

  1. The font has not been officially released.
  2. The reason for 1) is because it is not ready.
  3. This development version of the font does not have full language or full character support and is in NO WAY indicative of the inevitable high quality of the final version
  4. This version is, unlike previous versions, an official high-quality version. Previously ‘ripped’ copies were derived from promotional resources with varying quality.
  5. Do check to see whether the font currently supports all of the characters in your language before using it as default.
  6. Am I going over-board now?

Download the new Ubuntu font

So you’re convinced you want to try it out. Full instructions rest over on the wiki page @


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