The Ubuntu UK community and Canonical are hosting a ‘different kind of IT event’ next month to promote the use of Ubuntu in UK businesses.

The event, which takes place on Tuesday July 13th in London, will help to demonstrate to attendees the advantages Ubuntu can bring to the worksplace and how to approach introducing it ‘safely & effectively’.

“The Ubuntu operating system for the desktop and server has made significant inroads into UK businesses over the last 5 years.” the official event blurb leads with. “This event gives those advocates an opportunity to introduce their colleagues to Ubuntu, Canonical, Partners, community experts and their fellow IT professionals.”

The event itinerary, which can be viewed on-line here, boasts a eclectic mix of case studies, 5 minutes ‘evangelism’ spots, demonstrations and a panel discussion lead by well known Open-Source writer and Journalist Glyn Moody.

The event will be rounded off with the Ubuntu-inspired Ubuntini cocktail being served at the bar.

“All are welcome, but if you already count yourself as an Ubuntu user, please drag along a colleague who has yet to see the light”

To find out more, including event venue information, head over to

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