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the indicator in action

Indicator Weather Gives You ‘At-a-Glance’ Temp on Ubuntu Phone

This is going to be a super brief post — briefer than a British summer, in fact. Most us are familiar with weather indicators for the Linux desktop. Heck, i’d be surprised if you weren’t […]

12 December 2016
instagraph hero

Instagraph Adds Photo Filters and Image Editing Tools

Filters, cropping and direct messaging are among the latest improvement arriving in an update to Instagraph, the unofficial third-party Instagram app for Ubuntu Touch. Instagraph 0.0.3 adds much-missed image manipulation tools. You can now crop photos, make […]

2 October 2016

[How To] Build an Ubuntu Controlled Sous-Vide Cooker

I’ll be honest with you from the off: I had zero idea what sous-vide cooking was before I started writing this post. Wikipedia dutifully informs me that’s Sous-Vide is a style of cooking that involves a vacuum, […]

29 September 2016

Ubuntu Phone Now Has a Nifty, Native Photo Editing App

Ubuntu Phone finally has a photo editing app. Although early alpha quality, Instant FX for Ubuntu is already looking like an impressive app. And with so few native Ubuntu apps around, each one is truly appreciated. Now, […]

7 September 2016
instagram logo

Ubuntu Phone Instagram App Now Available To Install

Instagraph is an unofficial Instagram app for Ubuntu Touch. The app is free, and supports photo uploads, commenting, liking and more.

3 August 2016
instagram logo

Instagraph Is An Unofficial Instagram App for Ubuntu Phone

An all-new, native Instagram app is coming to Ubuntu Phone. Say hello to Instagraph.

29 July 2016

Ubuntu Phone Now Has Music Tuner Apps (Updated)

Musicians who use the Ubuntu Phone can add a nifty new tuner app to their collection. The simply titled ‘Tuner’ app for Ubuntu phone (and tablet) currently supports tuning a Ukulele. Support for guitar tuning is to arrive in a future […]

11 May 2016

PockIt — A Free Pocket App for Ubuntu Phone

I am a big user of Pocket, the (awesome) read it later service. Like, seriously big. So I was stoked to learn that it’s now possible to read my latest must-reads offline on Ubuntu Phone. How? Using PockIt, […]

1 March 2016

Unofficial Spotify App for Ubuntu Phone Sees Big Update

Spotify fans worried about buying an Ubuntu Phone next month can relax, as a standout third-party client is updated to fill the gap.

2 January 2015
Tweets displayed on Ubuntu Touch

You Can Now Get Twitter, Facebook and Gmail Alerts on Ubuntu Phone

With the first Ubuntu Phones still on course to ship later this year, its developers are now in the final furlong of preparing for a 'Release To Manufacturing' milestone.

14 August 2014
vlc logo

VLC, LastPass and 8tracks Apps Coming to Ubuntu Touch

VLC is one of several big-name applications planning to launch applications on Ubuntu for Phones and Tablets in the near future.

23 February 2014

Improved HTML5 App Support Is Coming to Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu is working to improve support for the development of HTML5 applications on Ubuntu Touch through Cordova.

17 February 2014