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GTG 0.4

The Best Task Management Tool for Linux is Being Revived

I've been blogging about Ubuntu (and Linux in general I guess) for a veritable eon. So when news reached me that Getting Things GNOME was being revived I had to stop what I was doing and reach for a new draft.

10 April 2020

Taskbook is a Board-based Task Manager for the Command Line

If you’re looking to stay productive at the command line you’ll want to check out Taskbook. Taskbook is a terrifically well made terminal app that lets you create todo lists, jot down notes, and organise […]

3 August 2018
ubuntu news

Ubuntu 18.04 Adds a To-Do App to Default Install

When you boot in to the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 'Bionic Beaver' later this year you'll find a new app is preinstalled by default: GNOME To Do, a personal task manager.

27 January 2018

Super Productivity is a Super Useful To-Do App for Linux, Mac & Windows

Super Productivity is an open-source to-do list and time tracking app with Jira integration. It's available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

20 November 2017

Pext is an extendable Python-based tool that’s a little hard to explain…

I don’t like to write about things I am not confident or experienced in using. This is why don’t see listicles about Vim, op-ed’s about DevOps, and so on. But writing about a desktop application should be within my abilities¹ […]

30 March 2017
todo.txt indicator applet running on Ubuntu

Todo.txt Indicator for Ubuntu Helps You Get Stuff Done

If you manage your to-to list with a plaintext Todo.txt file this indicator applet may help you keep on top of your tasks. Sure, there are plenty of web-based clients, sticky note widgets, and feature-packed desktop task managers offering […]

8 March 2017
go for it to do list app

Go For It! Is a Simple To-Do App for Linux with Built In Timer

Go For It! — it sounds like the name of an overly enthusiastic mobile workout app that you download with good intentions only to never actually use it. But thankfully (for our collective laziness) it’s not. Go For It! is, instead, […]

14 November 2016
note taking apps

‘GNOME To Do’ App Picks Up New Features

GNOME To Do is one of those apps you’ve probably heard of, but do not use. And with a bunch of rivals task managers and to-do list apps available on Linux — from Simplenote to Remember the Milk — and online, the […]

26 October 2016

To Do App ‘Nitro’ Hits Ubuntu Software Center

The insanely handy task management app Nitro has finally hit the Ubuntu Software Center. And no, you're not misunderstanding: for despite its creation way back in April, it has taken a fair ol' while for the application to get approved, published, and stocked on the shelves of the Software Center..

28 November 2012
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Use Evernote In Ubuntu With Everpad

Use Evernote on your mobile devices? Now you can use it on Ubuntu, too...

16 September 2012

Fogger Brings To-Do App Wunderlist back to Ubuntu

Wunderlist is back on Ubuntu thanks to Fogger.

23 July 2012
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Nitro Tasks App Adds App Menu Support, Sleeker Settings

The slick task management tool Nitro has added a few new features. APp menu Support, Keyboard shortcuts and even a teasing preview of its long-wanted Sync feature. More details and download instructions sit on inside.

27 April 2012