If you want to get stuff done, you have to get organised, and using a dedicated to-do app is an invaluable way to do that.

Linux users have access to tons of terrific to-do list and task apps. Some are supremely focused on the basics, others are based around specific psychological methodologies to tackling tasks.

A Linux to-do app that’s helped me a lot in recent months is Errands.

Errands is a GTK4/libadwaita app written in Python. Its has a streamlined design and feature set, making it suitable to those looking to prioritise task completion over meticulous organisation (i.e, folks like me).

Errands to-do app in action

Key features of Errands:

  • Add/remove/edit tasks/sub-tasks
  • Mark tasks/sub-tasks as completed
  • Given tasks an accent colour
  • Sync tasks with Nextcloud/CalDAV
  • Drag and drop tasks to rearrange
  • Import/export tasks to .json

Nextcloud and CalDAV sync support was recently added, and is a truly welcome feature. It makes Errands more flexible by allowing you to keep progress in-check between your different devices, without requiring obtuse manual workarounds.

Errands allows you to give tasks sub-tasks, and give sub-tasks their own sub-tasks. This makes it easy to really dive down and split things out into piecemeal, actionable tasks.

Plus, the app lets you give tasks their a colour (7 to choose from), making it easy to visually tell your different tasks and sub-tasks apart just by looking at them.

Keep track of completed tasks too

Hide completed tasks by clearing them out. Once cleared, they move to the sidebar. The sidebar can be toggled using a toolbar button. The sidebar is automatically displayed when there’s enough room but you can hide it in any size window. Up to you!

What happens if you accidentally mark a task as complete, and then clear out completed tasks? Is it gone for ever?! Thankfully not. Open the deleted tasks sidebar, then click the ‘tick’ icon next to the task you wish to restore. This restores it back to its original location.

As I have poor working memory I have to write things down, put things in my calendar, set reminders, etc. Apps like Errands is a big help too as it keeps the things I need to do ‘surfaced’ until I actually do them.

My focus stays squarely on what needs to be done, basically.

Check off your to-dos today

In summary, Errands will help you organise and prioritise your pending tasks, allowing to make better use of time in the process. Use it as a basic checklist or split things up in to sub-tasks to tackle things bit-by-bit to track your progress.

However you use it, Errands will likely help you spend less time stressing about your do-dos and more time actually doing them, so give it a try!

• Get Errands on Flathub

Thanks Julian

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