Todoist Linux app on Ubuntu

Prepare for a productivity boost because an official Todoist app for Linux desktops has been released.

Todoist is a task and project management service with serious pedigree as more than 20 million people use it to arrange, plan, track, and collaborate on projects, tasks, and other todos.

Official Todoist apps have long been available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Now Linux joins the family too.

Using Todoist you can:

  • Create and organise tasks quickly
  • Set due dates and recurring due dates 
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Assign tasks to other users
  • Assign priority levels to tasks and subtasks
  • Integrate with Gmail, Slack, Amazon Alexa, etc

The Todoist Linux app has all of the same features as the Todoist apps for macOS and Windows. This parity is made possible because these desktop apps aren’t really apps at all but wrappers around the (frequently updated) Todoist web app. A few extra bells and whistles (like a system tray item) are included though.

Todoist manages to strike a balance between powerful features and ease of use

Though a web-wrapped app isn’t as exciting as a native client the feature parity among the desktop apps is a definite boon. Linux users aren’t left out or treated any differently. The app also works offline; it’s web-based but not web-dependent.

Overall, Todoist manages to strike a balance between powerful features and ease of use. It’s not as souped-up as other, more serious task management software but is far more accessible to regular users as a result. Todoist describes itself as the tool you can “take anywhere” and with the Linux version now available that claim is finally true.

If you don’t currently use to-do list software then Todoist is a great place to start. Its clear, uncluttered, and easy to master with enough advanced features tucked beneath the surface should you need them.

Install Todoist for Linux

Todoist is proprietary service available to use for free (with a valid e-mail).

The majority of the core feature set is available to use for free, including the ability to create and manage up to 30 projects with 5 collaborators each; leverage integrations with other services (e.g., IFTTT, Alexa, Dropbox); set recurring due dates; create subtasks; use templates; and more.

To unlock some advanced capabilities, including up to 300 projects and 25 collaborators per project, reminders, file uploads, labels, and filters, you’ll need to subscribe to Todoist Premium. This costs from $3/month.

You can install Todoist on Linux distros like Ubuntu using the build distributed via the Snap Store:

Todoist on the Snap Store

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