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Task Management App ‘Nitro’ Debuts on Ubuntu

New 'task list' apps aren't high on the 'to-do' list of many developers these days; Linux has more than its fair share of them. But the developers of Gradiator are hoping that there is still a little bit of room left to be squeezed out of this crowded market place for their recently launched tasks app 'Nitro'.

7 April 2012

[How To] Create An App Launcher for Wunderlist in Ubuntu

Last week saw the first Linux release of 'To Do' application Wunderlist. Whilst the release was more than welcomed by Linux users, the inability to install it - and then access it - as simply as a typical Ubuntu package put many potential users off. The following how-to aims to rectify that by making Wunderlist easily searchable and launchable via the Unity Dash.

27 September 2011

Acclaimed ‘To Do’ App Wunderlist Comes To Linux

Cross-platform 'Getting Things Done' app 'Wunderlist' is now available for the Linux desktop. The application provides a minimal yet attractive 'frame' for organising your 'to dos' and organising them accordingly.

20 September 2011