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How To Use Wunderlist from the Command Line

Want to use Wunderlist on Linux, but without the overhead of a GUI? Try Wunderline, a command-line interface for the popular to-do and task management service.

23 September 2016

Canonical Show Off Converged Terminal App Design

Reshaping the classic terminal app to fit the multi-form factor world isn't easy, but it's the task that the Canonical Design team face as part of their work on Unity 8.

15 August 2016
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How to See Asterisks When Typing Your Password in the Terminal

Enter your sudo password in the terminal and you'll see nothing. No asterisks, no characters, no nothing. You're not doing it wrong and your keyboard isn't broken. It's by design.

10 August 2016

Learn a New Word Every Time You Open The Terminal

Learn a new word each time you open the terminal with 'sudocabulary', a command-line script that helps you broaden your vocabulary.

4 August 2016

Using Gedit, Nautilus with Pkexec Will Soon Be Less Hassle

I’m gonna keep this one super brief. Here’s the deal: ‘gksu’ (the once recommended way to run GUI apps as root) was deprecated in favour of ‘pkexec’, a graphical fronted for PolicyKit, several years back. Ubuntu […]

14 July 2016

What 5 Terminal Commands Should Every Linux User Know?

This fortnight's #OMG5 list is going to focus on the topic that many of us whisper in a hushed voice, scared of frightening the fragile newbies…

26 February 2016
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Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Will Ship With Nifty Tilda Terminal App

The Ubuntu MATE team, fresh from going official community flavour status, have been busy detailing some of the handy new features shipping in Ubuntu MATE 15.04.

10 March 2015

Feednix is a Command Line RSS Reader for Feedly

Most of us appreciate that the command line is a versatile, powerful tool, but few are aware that it can be used to do more than just run a package, development and system-orientated tasks.

23 June 2014

Here’s How to Enable the Handy Apt Terminal Progress Bar in Ubuntu 14.04

Avid Apt users among you that are already running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS may want to enable the following new feature to make Terminal-time a tad more helpful.

11 April 2014

The Geeky Way To Get Weather Forecasts on Linux

Today we highlight a weather tool that even the most dour-faced of weather app detractors may actually like: command-line weather forecasts.

5 February 2014

[How To] Run Nyan Cat in the Terminal

Pointless? Maybe. Cute? Definitely.

25 July 2012
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Five Alternative Terminal Emulator Apps for Ubuntu

Though for many users it is likely comforting to know that use of the terminal can be largely, if not entirely avoided with today's crop of shiny Linux distributions, there are those among the community who love the raw utility of the command-line. Others still find they need the Linux terminal to effectively accomplish certain tasks.

22 October 2011