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Ubuntu Mono Set As Terminal Font in Ubuntu 11.10

The recently released 'Monospace' variant of the Ubuntu Font Family has been set as the default monospace font in Ubuntu 11.10.

4 October 2011

Five Terminal Commands Everyone Should Know (as chosen by you)

Reader Raiyan mailed in with an idea for an article a few weeks back, titled 'Top five commands a new-comer to Linux should know.' A great idea, but we all have different ideas about what makes a must-know command. So I took to the @omgubuntu twitter account to ask you - the readers - what five commands would be in your top five. After the jump are the five most suggested commands by you - the OMG! Ubuntu! reader.

5 July 2011
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VTerminal is a lightweight pop-up terminal

Long for a pop-up Terminal to appear at the push of a button? Well, you got it with VTerminal.

2 February 2011
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[How to] Quickly Google Command Line Errors From The Terminal

How many times have you needed to Google an error the Terminal has spat out at you? For me it’s lots. ‘Searchon Google’ is a small Terminal hack that lets you Google Terminal errors quickly […]

16 November 2010
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Reveal your top ten most used terminal commands

If you're an avid terminal user and ever wondered what commands you use most often then read on to find out how to see your top ten most entered entries!

24 September 2010
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Nautilus Terminal: GUI meets CLI

I spotted sight of the following application over on the very ace  Cewen’s blog and found it so nerdily cool (and also seemingly useful) that I haven’t been able to resist posting about it. As […]

11 September 2010