terminal icon in unity dash
We’ve all got one, but do you use it?

The headline poses a question that you, hopefully, have an answer to.

Yep, this fortnight’s #OMG5 list is going to focus on the topic that many of us whisper in a hushed voice, scared of frightening the fragile newbies.

We’re looking at the —sharp intake of breath— Linux command line.

Arcane Spell Book Vs Necessary Evil

To some, the terminal is writ like an arcane spell book. Its’ command-line rituals are draped in shadow and its powers aloof and unknowable to few beyond the initiated.

For other’s, mainly those living in reality, it’s simple a necessary evil; a dull tool that’s a chore to use but, for various situations, sometimes the best tool for the job.

It doesn’t matter if you’re fearful of it or an absolute fanatic, learning how to use the linux Terminal is often a rewarding experience. Not only do you learn a little bit more about how software works but there’s a small ding of accomplishment to be achieved through being your own GUI.

But what are the top five Terminal commands that every Linux user should know?

It’s a question we asked you five years ago and with the clock hands striking content o’clock it’s time for you to answer again.

You can send in your top command (no, not that one) using the contact form below. We’ll collate the five most suggested into a list, which we’ll publish next week.

Since we can appreciate that being asked to pick just one command might be infuriatingly difficult for many of you, we’re included some optional for some other commands (if you wish to give us them) as well as a text field for explaining your reasons.

Now Closed for Entries

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