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windows terminal app

Panes, Tab Reordering Added to Windows Terminal App

Windows Terminal panes and tab reordering are two new features the open source command line tool picks up in its latest release, Windows Terminal 0.7.

29 November 2019

Microsoft Has Built a Font for the Command Line

Microsoft has released an open source font called 'Cascadia Code' designed for 'command line experiences and code editors'. The font is free to download.

19 September 2019
world cup 2018: linux apps

Check World Cup Scores on Linux With These Neat Apps

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is well underway and you’re probably obsessively refreshing your favourite website to get all the latest fixtures and results. But with over 30 nations from around the world competing in this prestigious […]

27 June 2018

Finding Files in the Command Line (How To)

Unfortunately in Linux, certainly Ubuntu, the default GUI file search is not the most useful way to find files. With just a small amount of patience you can find files quickly and easily using the command […]

2 September 2017

Someone Finally Asks Why Ubuntu Has 3 Terminal Apps…

I’ve often wondered why Ubuntu ships with several different terminal apps installed by default. It’s a minor little quirk, granted, and something few people will notice. But a query that has, from time to time, confused […]

24 July 2017

Ubuntu’s Converged Terminal App Is Starting to Take Shape

Last August Canonical shared design mockups of a new, converged Terminal app it wants to offer on its new Unity 8 desktop. Now the app exists. The current development version is not perfect, polished or feature complete, but it is looking more like the […]

12 January 2017

Hyper Is a Terminal Emulator Built Using Web Technologies

A lot of us use the terminal on Ubuntu, typically from an app like GNOME Terminal, Xterm or an app like Guake. But did you know that there’s an JS/HTML/CSS Terminal?  It’s called Hyper (formerly/also known […]

4 December 2016

Code Like Its The 80s With This Vintage Retro Terminal

This cool retro terminal emulator lets you code like it's the 1980s. It has a variety of vintage effects and layouts. Better yet, it's open-source.

17 November 2016

Get Exact Boot and Uptime on Ubuntu from the Command Line

Want to know exactly when you last booted your Ubuntu machine, or how long it’s been since you last did? Probably not —but I’m going to show you how anyway. Detailed boot information can be useful when […]

10 November 2016

How to See The Terminal Commands You Use The Most

A lot of us use the command line on a regular basis, be it to do some simple package management with apt or monitor system resources with top. Have you ever wondered which commands you use most […]

30 September 2016

A Neat YouTube Subscriber Count Tracker for the Linux Terminal

Ever wanted to track YouTube subscriber accounts using the Terminal? Of course you haven't, but you will after seeing this neat new app…

30 September 2016
wunderlist logo

How To Use Wunderlist from the Command Line

Want to use Wunderlist on Linux, but without the overhead of a GUI? Try Wunderline, a command-line interface for the popular to-do and task management service.

23 September 2016