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Ubuntu 13.10 Default Wallpaper Revealed

The default wallpaper for Ubuntu 13.10 has been revealed - but don't expect too dramatic a change...

20 September 2013
mir display server

Intel Remove XMir Support From Xorg Driver

Intel has pulled XMir support from their Xorg driver branch just days after Canonical submitted it - a decision that has sparked controversy.

8 September 2013

Ubuntu 13.10 Beta Releases Available for Download

Beta releases of various Ubuntu flavours, including Lubuntu, Kubuntu and the newest addition, Ubuntu GNOME, are now available to download.

5 September 2013

Ubuntu to Promote 64bit Downloads As Default

The Ubuntu website is to switch to promoting 64bit builds of Ubuntu desktop and server by default from this October.

3 September 2013

Ubuntu One Set-Up Added to Ubuntu 13.10 Installer

Ubuntu One login has been added to the the system installer of Ubuntu 13.10.

29 August 2013

You Can Help Choose Lubuntu 13.10’s New Wallpaper Set

Which of the following five wallpapers should ship with Lubuntu 13.10 later this year? That, dear reader, is entirely up to you...

29 August 2013
mir display server

Mir Adds Multi-Monitor Support And Readies For Default

The final features are now landing in Mir just in time for feature freeze which is happening this Thursday, August 29th.

27 August 2013

18 New Wallpapers Chosen for Ubuntu 13.10 (Updated)

The winning wallpapers of Ubuntu 13.10's wallpaper contest have been revealed - and, as always, there are some beautiful choices included.

23 August 2013

Our Favourite Ubuntu 13.10 Wallpaper Entries

Here's a selection of our favourite entries to the Ubuntu 13.10 Wallpaper Contest. The competition closes for submissions tomorrow (Aug 16).

15 August 2013

Firefox To Remain Default Browser in Ubuntu 13.10

Firefox will remain the default browser in Ubuntu 13.10, after plans to replace it with Chromium hit a minefield of issues.

12 August 2013

Ubuntu 13.10 Update Finally Fixes Ugly Nautilus, GNOME 3 Apps

The appearance of Nautilus, System Settings and several other GNOME 3 applications in Ubuntu 13.10 has been improved in a recent update.

3 August 2013

Unity 8 Available in Ubuntu 13.10 – But Don’t Expect Too Much

An 'Early Alpha' of Unity 8 is available to try in Ubuntu 13.10 from today - but don't expect to find it fully functional quite yet...

2 August 2013