Mir is one of the biggest changes coming to Ubuntu as part of Saucy.

All cycle, the Mir development team has been adding features and ramping up efforts to get Mir as default for Saucy. The final features are now landing in Mir just in time for feature freeze which is happening this Thursday, August 29th.

As part of these efforts, the Mir team is looking for feedback on multi-monitor and the usability of Mir. You can find all the information here as part of the call for testing. In order to test and respond to the results however, the testing is closing tomorrow August 28th, so don’t delay!

Do note, if you’re using AMD or Nvidia, multi-monitor support isn’t yet working for you due to a couple of known bugs.

Curious to learn more about the testing and development of Mir in Ubuntu? Checkout some of the vUDS sessions happening this week on Mir:

With your help, expect to see Mir as part of your Saucy desktop!

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