asdDid you have a snap you wanted to submit to the Ubuntu 13.10 Wallpaper Contest? You’ll need to get your skates on as the competition closes for submissions tomorrow.

Over the next few weeks a team of judges, made up in part by those whose wallpapers won during the last cycle, will pick between 10 – 15 images to ship as wallpapers with this October’s release of Ubuntu.

Ahead of today’s deadline, Sam Tran, our resident web developer, and myself have scoured through the hundreds of images already entered to pull out a few of our favourites.

Think of this list as a creative prod to those yet to take part.

Joey’s Picks


Logs by Iain Farrell
Lighthouse by DavidPC_
Saucy Salamander by josvera
MONSTER Skate Jam by J. Uher
Swimming By anomalous_saga

Sam’s Picks

Fences by EighteenPounds
Apple by JayinOS
Derailed by Howy
Leaves Against the Sky By  Binesh Amarasekara
Stairs by lefthandgergo
Stairs by lefthandgergo

Bonus Cat Wallpaper

This kitten was just too adorable to ignore:

Octuber by ilang76
Wallpaper Binesh Amarasekara Saucy Salamander