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Auto-Queue Similar Tracks In Rhythmbox Using Last.FM

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

I posted earlier about Banshee’s magical playlist generator that queues songs in your library based on them sounding similar. Rhythmbox users can get something similar by making use of Last.FM reccomendations via the Dynamic Tracks plugin. Dynamic Tracks
Using data from the plugin scans for “similar” tracks in your library into the play queue.  As each track plays it scans for other similar tracks and so on – so you essentially end up with a never-ending playlist!

The plugin can be toggled on and off from the main window, too, so if you’re in the mood to manually queue your music you can do so with no effort at all.

Grab the plugin archive @


  • Unpack the archive, press Alt+F2 and type the following: –
  • nautilus /home/USERNAMEHERE/.gnome2/rhythmbox/
  • If there is no “plugins” folder in the newly-spawned window, create one and name it “plugins” (all lowercase). 
  • Move the folder you extracted earlier into it.
  • Restart Rhythmbox then go to Edit > Plugins
  • Check the box next to “ dynamic Tracks’.

How To Use
In the main window you’ll now see a new icon on the toolbar – press this to switch dynamic tracks on.

As you play a track you’ll notice the play queue begin to populate. Pressing the icon again switches Dynamic Tracks off.

We posted about this plugin a few months back in our “5 Rhythmbox plugins worth installing” post.