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Little Things That Matter: Rhythmbox Indicator Applet

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The Rhythmbox indicator applet in Ubuntu 10.04 gained ‘now playing’ information in an update earlier today.

As I waxed so lyrical about in my previous ‘Little things that matter’ post on the MessagingMenu in Lucid Lynx, small visual differences can be the difference between a pleasant users experience and a slightly-gripe filled one.

The addition of track title is a definite boon. For example, I was listening to a new album a few days back and really loved a track but i had to un-minimize Rhythmbox via its indicator applet to note what the song title was. Being able to see that information without calling up the mighty jukebox is a superior choice.

Rogue Check-boxes
The rouge and somewhat misaligned ‘play’ option irritates me. Part because I love symmetry and part because it just looks so haphazard. There is no discernible reason for it to be jutting out…

I also find the fact it is labelled ‘Play’ when playing or not a misnomer – Titling it “Pause” during playback would be an infinitely more sane correction. I’m not the bluntest tool in the box but I have had to think a few times about whether or not I needed to click it…