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Apologies, Pandaol & Tetris.

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.


I know some of you are fearing that the launch of our new IRC channel has been the cause in a slowdown of new posts over the last few days but let me assure you that it’s not.

If you follow the OMG! twitter you may already know that I’ve not been too well this week (nothing life threatening thankfully, although it does feel like it…) and as a result of my bed-based internment I’ve only been exercising my fingers to cover major Ubuntu updates and respond to some tweets.

One upside to this is that I’ve found myself thinking about the kinds of posts I could be writing (when not vomiting) so brace yourself for an influx of new posts in a day or so.

If you’re newly subscribed then rest-assured that I feel even worse — not the best show of the typical veracity OMG! exhibits.

In the mean time feel free to send anything interesting you find in my direction (joeysneddon [USUALSYMBOL] or via the Contact form on this site.

If you get really bored then why not play Tetris in your terminal whilst trolling around in the OMG! IRC on FreeNode #omg!ubuntu!


  • sudo apt-get install tint

I’m off to neck some more vitamins and Panadol… and maybe play some Tetris ;)